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Ellie Goulding for John Lewis' Christmas TV Advert

My Space

Welcome to the Art Department! I sit at the desk next to Anna, the one with the incred Pokémon poster :) So the reason for this post is that I'm using it to mask a really cool thing I found out today - photocopiers don't let you copy money. It was something for Photography, we had to scan ourselves and the only prop I had was money (which by the way isn't mine, it's for party decs) so there I was with my face and a fan of 20s on a glass screen and it came out all black, and the printer was fine after that.. strange. On a different subject I think over the next couple of months I'll do posts on my other desks (I have 5 now: bedroom, studio, and boarding house to go)

The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future

Jeans - Topshop
Pumps - French Connection
Belt - Vintage
Scarf - Vintage Versace
Cardigan - Handknit from Gozo
Top - Hollister Mens
Ketchup Bottle - Heinz
This last fortnight has been one of the best experiences of my life. I'm still on a high from it and it's been 2 days since we got back. I love this cardigan, it's so thick and heavy (perfect for winter) but also has amazing buttons and these strange stretchy stripe things going on - and it was only €20! Click on picture to hype on lookbook :)
Los Campesinos! - Death To Los Campesinos! (Napoleon III Remix)

I'm On A Plane

So I've attained an internet connection in Malta, and we had our first dives today (which went horribly wrong, lots of drama, but later on the pool dive was great); I just wanted to show off my plane snaps which will be added to my photography microsite when I get the time and energy. Lets talk about feelings, ok? I feel I should talk more about fashion on here than I do, so I'll do something interesting next post or the one after. Also, I don't know why I chose God & Satan. Surely Bubbles or Mountains would be more fitting. Ah well. It's still an awesome song.
Biffy Clyro - God & Satan

It's Khaki, Bitch

Shirt - H&M
Belt - Vintage
Scarf - River Island
Crop - Topshop
I love the semi-sheerness of this shirt, I also have it in white and blue, it's so damn versitile. Other than that, life is good. I have a new study thanks to the leaving of the brother, I also have Derren Brown's new book and I'm off to Malta tomorrow to scuba dive for two weeks. Here is a song that I found here, and I can't find any of their other music (i.e. tip me off if you do); the harmonies are so beautiful.
Heathers - Waiter

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

Stretch And Never Quite Reach

I love this photography to an incomprehensible degree
all by ƒenk

Meet My Mother

Susan Wreakes, the ex-knitwear designer, decided to show me her old portfolio today after months of bugging. *blow away* She says she's not a good illustrator but some of these made me swoon; and the sample knits were just delectable. As you can hopefully tell, these are from the 80's (or what I like to refer to as the era of shoulders). I would've liked to show more but I thought these slide pics would be the easiest because I could just scan them but seriously I am inspired to extreme degrees, get me to art college - NOW!
Phoenix - Lisztomania

I'll Forgive And Forget

Ali Michael + Lula + The xx

Calling Us Back To The Black

Sorry, I cannot hear you, I'm kinda busy.

I had a photo shoot yesterday with my beautiful Anna in an abandoned shed full of old dolls, trunks and hardware. We had some awesome clothes to work with, courtesy of To The Black, a British design company which specialises in printing t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, and recently leather jackets. I love their subtle manipulations of cult symbols; as for their style, it's difficult to describe it as anything other than aloofly cool. This is what all the fashionable indie kids should be wearing. To see a couple of hair-containing photos, click here.
Sia - Bring The Night

A Generation Of Faux-Romantics

Los Campesinos! - This Is How You Spell "Hahaha We Destroyed The Hopes And Dreams Of A Generation Of Faux-Romantics"

Let Them Eat Cake

Star Light Star Bright

dress - english eccentrics
shoes - mk one
I don't even know what to say about this... I stole the 'jumper' and belt from mother; she's always good for fancywear. I love the colour of these tights aswell, I don't remember where I bought them but their colour-name was definitely petrol. And there's a hole on the foot from some mystery chemical from chemistry haha. The shoes cost £8, and the heel is demented, but I just love them so much. find this on lookbook here.
The xx - Heart Skipped A Beat

Red + Dead

These are by Reed + Rader. They're just so beautifully eerie.
I'm going to start adding music occasionally, if I find a song that goes with the post.
MGMT - It's Working