I'm On A Plane

So I've attained an internet connection in Malta, and we had our first dives today (which went horribly wrong, lots of drama, but later on the pool dive was great); I just wanted to show off my plane snaps which will be added to my photography microsite when I get the time and energy. Lets talk about feelings, ok? I feel I should talk more about fashion on here than I do, so I'll do something interesting next post or the one after. Also, I don't know why I chose God & Satan. Surely Bubbles or Mountains would be more fitting. Ah well. It's still an awesome song.
Biffy Clyro - God & Satan


Unknown said...

Amazing photos! The lighting is so beautiful! Sounds awesome though, I'd love to go Diving, but my asthma means i can't :( Oh, I just did a MASSIVE photography post, if you wanted to check it out? And thanks so much for your sweet comment! Panda xo

ABIGAIL NY said...

love those shots, they're just amazing!!


Anonymous said...

beautiful photos!

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