It's Khaki, Bitch

Shirt - H&M
Belt - Vintage
Scarf - River Island
Crop - Topshop
I love the semi-sheerness of this shirt, I also have it in white and blue, it's so damn versitile. Other than that, life is good. I have a new study thanks to the leaving of the brother, I also have Derren Brown's new book and I'm off to Malta tomorrow to scuba dive for two weeks. Here is a song that I found here, and I can't find any of their other music (i.e. tip me off if you do); the harmonies are so beautiful.
Heathers - Waiter

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Anonymous said...

I love the description for this blog, just found you through tumblr. :)
Great blog and I love your shirt . Have a great holiday!! Look forward to seeing what you post when you get back Xxx

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