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Moo Piyasombatkul and life

This week I started my studies at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and from the very moment I walked through the doors it was impressed upon me how important the Foundation specialisation and BA course choices are for, well, my whole life. I had given myself this year to figure out exactly what I wanted to do in the world of art and design since Foundation is when you're supposed to try out everything in order to see where you belong. But no. We have to decide sharpish because specialisation begins at the 4 week mark.

I've been getting more and more confused about my future the last couple of months and now I see the time to make a decision has come at last. I'd always thought myself a career in fashion. Design specifically. But in the last couple of years I've explored so many paths that in some ways suit me better. Web design is a big part of my life - I fiddle with something or other every day - and I can easily see a viable career doing that. Fashion these days is so competitive and snipey and stressful (I literally hide from stress) which doesn't sound like a happy life. I need happy. Hence my solution (for now, it will probably change within a few weeks) of studying jewellery design.

I had a bout of jewelling the summer before last; I made chainmaille bracelets and found it simply fascinating. Beautiful. A wonderful craft that combines geometry and logical thinking with creativity and experimentalism. Whilst looking up the BA Jewellery Design course at CSM I found two awesome things - 1) The two main tutors are both watchmakers, if you knew my penchant for watches you would understand my excitement about this morsel of info. 2) The class of 2010 made a website to showcase their work, all incredibly interesting and many things that I would be overly excited to learn how to make, and I discovered this wonderful eyewear collection by Moo Piyasombatkul, of which the bottom four pieces are available for purchase at Opening Ceremony Online. I can't wait to start creating pieces as wonderful as this.

Sorry for crazy-long ramblings about my future. Just stare at the wonderful glasses and be happy.

Update 1/10/12: Today I started my BA in Silversmithing & Jewellery at the Cass Art Faculty, part of London Metropolitan University. AND the head of the course makes Watches.. damn I'm on the right track.

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Creativity With Precision

Recently I've become obsessed with writing (on paper). I've found it's really satisfying to have record of ideas, from their development right up to their execution. Notebooks are just the best inventions if, like me, you stuggle with words and communicating your trail of thought with others. Since this started about 2 month ago I've gotten through 3 spirals and a huge pack of post-its; mainly with web designs and life lists, future plans and freehand sketches.
The problem is that I've had free access to perfect mini-sketchbooks from my lovely school art department and now I've left school, thus no more free supplies. I like to buy quality, well-made things so WHSmith's 5-pack isn't going to cut it. After some serious research I picked Field Notes over Moleskine and Jottrr. Field Notes are beautiful and earthy and have a military-style Futura block type on the front. People make the covers pretty as well by drawing and screen-printing and their awesome (sold out) dry transfer editions where you title it whatever you want.

Then after some severe stalking I found some of their videos about the production process. It's such an exact art. Printing presses are just fascinating, how the repetition is so precise and ah I can't explain quite how much passion I have for when creative aesthetics meet productivity and mathematics. I think that conjunction is formally called 'Design'. Anyway. These are so charming I've bought a set complete with rubber bands, pens and pencils, I can't wait to start creating in them.