Diva Zappa

This was actually from the very beginning of this month (the third to be exact) but I've only just remembered about it due to the CSM interview the following day. Diva Zappa, Frank Zappa's daughter, has three middle names, Thin Muffin Pigeen. That basically describes this exhibition- crazy. She hand knits everything from her stream of consciousness without a plan, it can be a poncho or a skirt, a hat or a tea cosy. I was invited to the opening of her show (in a Soho cake shop no less) and was astounded by how much bounce Diva had about her; upstairs she displayed the beginnings of her attempt at 'world's longest scarf', currently at 5 metres but someday it'll be a mile long. That sort of determination is so inspiring. I wouldn't wear any of these, but as pieces of art they're very intriguing. Did I mention that they're going for £2000?


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