Bertie Boots and Every Flavour Jeans

Bertie Boots and Every Flavour Jeans

Boots - Bertie
Socks - Tabio
Jeans - both Christian Lacroix
Jacket - Vintage Moschino
Top - Synonyme, Georges Rech
Life is more fun when you look absolutely ridiculous. I've been wanting to post about these boots since I got them ~6 weeks ago and the yearning to reference Harry Potter overruled rationality. On top of that there's nobody around to take pictures so I took a video hoping to get at least one good still, but I didn't actually stop singing through this whole ordeal so there weren't any caps without a bizarre facial expression. Screw it, gifs are way cooler anyways (apart from I can't put it on LB. sob). Back to the boots - I only bought them for the laces they're like bowling shoes cross ice skates cross sneakers and ever so comfy. I have a boot obsession, these are pair #2 of this year (the others were Carvela, sorry bank balance!), please intervene if I buy more.
Terabyte Frenzy - Harry Potter And The Half-Dub Remix


Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

so awesome. x hivennn

Adele said...

These boots are really cool. I really want to find similar ones ! Also, i love your gifs.

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