Geometry Daily

A triangle-based selection from the blog Geometry Daily.

About half the inspiration for my new tumblr Field Notebooks that catalogues my constant note-taking; there's something really beautiful about the imperfections made while recording and although the sketches above are all digital they're clearly more appealing than black on white (plus all the geometry constructs kicks ass).

Matt & Kim - Let's Go

Pentatope Jewellery

I'm happy to introduce you to my new jewellery collection 'Pentatope'

Remember that post about Schematics? Around that time I was chosing a topic for my final major project at college and one of my proposals was based on that book, the other was on Metamorphosis. In the end I chose Metamorphosis because I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do with it, much the safer choice.

Throughout the project I regretted not trying the more risky project and vowed to get back to it after college finished. And I did! Schematics was all about visualising difficult concepts with simple shapes and figures, a solemn communication hidden under lines and graphs. My small study developed into Pentatope, much more commercial and less conceptual than the original, but I've found that even creating a simple aesthetic takes vast sums of complexity.