Pentatope Jewellery

I'm happy to introduce you to my new jewellery collection 'Pentatope'

Remember that post about Schematics? Around that time I was chosing a topic for my final major project at college and one of my proposals was based on that book, the other was on Metamorphosis. In the end I chose Metamorphosis because I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do with it, much the safer choice.

Throughout the project I regretted not trying the more risky project and vowed to get back to it after college finished. And I did! Schematics was all about visualising difficult concepts with simple shapes and figures, a solemn communication hidden under lines and graphs. My small study developed into Pentatope, much more commercial and less conceptual than the original, but I've found that even creating a simple aesthetic takes vast sums of complexity.

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