Croatia 2012

I've just returned from an unimaginably awesome fortnight in Croatia, one of the most beautiful countries I've ever been to. I traveled through Southern Dalmatia with a group of old school friends, the greatest thing about island hopping was the diversity of our surroundings - from tourist-happy Hvar and Dubrovnik to the national park in Mljet void of public transport (where we stayed in such a ghetto campsite and it may or may not have been run by a cult).

Unfortunately I managed to ruin my Holga and underwater cam... then found out the film I'd had waiting in my SLR for a month was b&w and that's yet to be developed. All digital for now, hopefully more photos to come. Update - fate's not in my favour, apparently I didn't manage to fix that glitch in my not-so-trusty Pentax :/

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