I often talk on this blog about my future aspirations, how I've found the perfect path (jewellery design) and that I can do anything ect. ect. but the more time passes the more I know that's just not true. I'm doing a BA in Silversmithing, how on earth can that lead to a career of untrained type/set/fashion/graphic design?

The truth is I don't know what I want to do. Or I do, I'll just never be sure. I want to be some impossible amalgamation of art director, prop maker, letterer, web developer, illustrator, mathematician and silversmith; while still being able to devote a large chunk of time to each of these disciplines.

Perhaps I'm merely mediocre at everything, which is why I can't just bloody pick one, but I'd like to believe I could do any of these things well if I gave myself the chance. The only solution I can think of is to experiment with everything as much as I can until I feel comfortable with a singular future.

My goals for this year are to take on a variety of projects - I've draw out a list of lettering briefs I'd like to get through (starting with the above, inspired by Craig Ward), I'd like to learn to draw reaslistic concept art on Photoshop, I'll hopefully be taking a short course on Model Making in the summer, my degree will keep me busy with Silversmithing and my bank balance will push me towards more web work. Wish me luck.

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Angie said...

good luck! you're very talented!

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